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Green Turtle Cay

Settlement Creek is New Plymouth's picturesque town harbour [the public dock is to the left of this picture and the inter-island freighter ("The Mail Boat") dock is to the right of the picture].
Settlement Creek

[Right pix] Looking down "the hill" from Green Turtle's All Grade School over the town of New Plymouth. [Left pix] One of Green Turtle's older "Loyalist" style homes - a historical site soon to be preserved.

GTC down the hill

[Left pix] As dependable as a hot day in August (northern hemisphere only!), only three times in it's history of service to Treasure Cay and Green Turtle Cay has the ferry not made its scheduled inter-island runs! [Right pix] Driftwood frames Bight 'O Bay's crescent beach ... a perfect place for a picnic or a quiet afternoon nap.
GTC ferry Bite'O Bay driftwood

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