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Date: 13 May __ 15:18:48 EDT
Subject: Great Little Abaco Information

I've tried for 2 months to get information on places to see things to do not on the "tourist list" (great and little Abaco), such as out of the way small beaches, shallow water places to
snorkel (other than Mermaid Reef), places to fish from shore or dock. I've sent Email to other people on the net offering information about Abaco, I've called the Abaco tourist office in Marsh Harbor several times...no replies.

Do you know of
any person(s) that I could talk to when we're there next week who knows the islands?

Response to info:

Your reply to my request for info was not only much appreciated, but restored my faith in folks on the net. The absence of Mr. Cooke from the Abaco Tourist office must be affecting their operation. I've called their MH office twice about their "people-to-people" program--- both times I was told that "the person in charge" was out and would call me back.

I will most certainly get in touch with the (your friends) on GTC. (They) sound like my kind of (people) [and probably close to being my contemporary--I'm 70]. I grew up and lived on the water for many years on the S.W. coast of FL. We can rent a boat from Treasure Marina as the closest to GTC. Would like to take wife daughter in law and granddaughter shelling there.[Sanibel is not what it was 50 yrs. ago].

Again, my thanks, and will e-mail you after return [leave tomorrow].

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Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 12:20:01 +0000
Subject: Abacos

We are planning a trip to the Abacos in June and was wondering if you can offer any advice on the best dive shops and or (dive)
sites, and the best beaches to visit. Also, can you rent a small boat anywhere to visit some of the small islands, if so is it worth doing. Are the small islands close enough to get there by small boat. We are staying at (rental). Thanks for any help you can give.

GG - Realtor

Response after info:

Thanks alot for the information. I'm sure it will be extremely helpful. I'll let you know how it went when we get back!

GG - Realtor

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Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 19:38:19, -0500
Subject: Great Abaco Advice

Hope I'm not being too forward by writing. My wife, two college age kids, and I will be going to Great Abaco in Jan 97 for the first time. We'll be staying at (a Treasure Cay rental). This will be our first trip to the Out Islands. We are looking forward to a laid back, casual vacation--lots of beach time, tennis, snorkeling. One of the kids is a scuba diver.

a. Do you think we'll need a car? Or are taxis and foot adequate?
Is there enough to see on the island that we should get a car for a day or two a round the island tour?

b. For visiting Man of War, Green Turtle Cay, etc.
Are water taxies adequate or should we try and rent a boat for a couple of days during the week?

c. Suggestions on places to eat, shop, see?

Thanks for any advice you can give.



Thanks for the great run down on Great Abaco!


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Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 21:12:00 -0600
Subject: Great Abaco Island trip planned

Hoping for some insight into our planned trip for Jan 97, with our two teenagers (13&17). We never been to the Bahamas, but we're planning a week in Florida in Jan 97 followed by (I hope) a restful week on Great Abaco Island, at a (rental) we have booked near Marsh Harbour. Any general info around food costs,
weather, what's fun to do besides the beach, any shopping etc would be greatly appreciated. We haven't made our air travel arrangements yet , and not sure that flying from Florida is our best bet. Understand there may be arrangements by ship that are also possible. One thing is clear, the weather will certainly be better than an Alberta Winter! Thanks for any input or advice you can give.


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Date: Sat, 17 Aug 1996 13:23:18 +0300
Subject: The Bahamas

Hi & greetings from Cyprus. Our total knowledge of the Caribbean is Jamaica where we holidayed earlier this year. Now our sights are set on possible emigration to the Bahamas which have excellent tax advantages as well as
apparently being lovely islands.

From all the information that we have gleaned through the Net, our choices may well be Abacos or Eleuthera. We have not ruled out N.P. or Grand Bahama, but we really don't want to move to a glorified tourist resort. We will be staying in Nassau next year so we will be able to make up our minds about that then.

We realize that holidaying in a resort as you have done does not give you the same insight into a place as living there, (our initial holidays in Cyprus is an example of that for us), but nevertheless, we would be greatful if you could give us your own observations from a viewpoint of maybe you living there.

Did you have any feeling of intimidation amongst the locals? (
Would you be happy walking down a dark road at night)? What was the price of local food like? Fish - fresh fruit? I suppose the most obvious question would be; if you were able to, would you be happy living there?

Take care,


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Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 10:30:32 -0700
Subject: Question About Abacos

My family and I are hoping to travel over the Christmas holidays to the Bahamas. We are looking at Eleuthera, Harbour Island, and the Abacos. We need a condo or 2 with a total of 3 bedrooms and a kitchen, or a
private house...any ideas? Suggestions? Recommendations? Any tips you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again....AW

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Our family is planning a trip to the Bahamas Out Islands. I think maybe the Abacos. We would like to stay in a house or cottage that would accommodate 7. I have received information from a rental agent but would like to pursue private rentals. Money is a factor in this vacation.

Can you give me any insight?

Thank you - GM


I will have 7 people on this trip. My husband, an 18 yo boy, a 17 yo girl, a 15 yo boy, my married daughter, her husband and myself.

I will need a place or places to accommodate all of us, a boat included in the rental and even a car if possible. We would also like a cook-maid. When pricing this through a rental agent it was costing approximately $3000 - $4500 depending on the time we go. I would like to go the second week in June or Easter week.

I would like to be near (walking distance) but not right in town. We would like snorkeling and fishing gear.
It seems I may be asking for a lot, but this is what we want for less than $2000. What do you think?

What is the best way of getting there from Lauderdale? Since we don't know a thing about the islands what part of the Abacos would you recommend?

Thank you for your assistance.


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